The Commandments of the Superlative1

December 14, 2007

Before you religious zealots light your torches for me let me make this clear. I CAN WRITE WHATEVER I FEEL.:P

On that note, I felt it time to bestow upon you life lessons, rather, a guide to life, happiness and success. I present to you, my commandments.

1. Thou shalt have no other blogs but me (I couldn’t resist lol)

2. Thou shalt not beg for friends

3. Work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor

4. Never let anyone who is unable to give you crackers, take bread out of your mouth

5. Remember your friends were there for you long before your lover and will probably be there long after.

6. The day you stop dreaming is the day you start dying.

7. Focus not on your troubles of today, but the joys of tomorrow.

8. Thou shalt not answer unasked questions for the transference of knowledge may be to your detriment.

9. You can either stand up for something, or fall for everything.

10. The degree of risk is often in sync with the potential for gain, but always be mindful of what you stand to lose.

And finally,

11. No one can make you happy, you may superimpose your happiness on someone else’s presence in your life, but what will you do the day they’re gone…