Microsoft Windows Vista Downgrades to XP

November 15, 2007

If this isn’t the most awesome development in computer technology, I don’t know what is. Imagine getting an iPhone for Christmas then having to downgrade to a phone booth because it simply didn’t work. That’s the case for many users of Windows Vista. Let’s be honest, XP may have had its flaws…. okay so maybe that was the extent of my defense for it. All the talk, at LEAST it worked, however, the wonderful people at Microsoft developed a new Operating System which they marketed basically as being “the bestest OS like, EVER… and you want it cuz we took out the Start button and replaced it with a Windows symbol which is like way prettier!”


In the meantime, you can’t use such cumbersome things that you already possessed such as printers, scanners, faxes, wireless cards what have you but you know what, they were last season ANYWAY. Time to get new stuff! YAY! At least for new users they offer the option of getting a Windows XP ‘downgrade’… unfortunately it sorta only applies to certain versions of Vista.

Allow me to make a couple suggestions:

1. For those of you still within warranty I recommend a large magnet gently run down the outside by the hard drive, so as not to break the seal.

2. For those without a valid warranty and a few coppers to spare, that LOVELY little option called Format should rectify the problem. *Note- back up your info and purchase a GENUINE copy of Windows XP to install.*

3. Get a Mac.

Meanwhile, I am using Windows 2000. Anyone wanna buy me a Mac?