Shontelle’s T-Shirt Music Video!

September 19, 2008

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH it’s finally here! The long awaited music video for Shontelle’s debut single T-Shirt is out and on Yahoo! Music and on youtube finally!

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Keri Hilson- Energy

June 2, 2008

So Timbaland’s vocal discovery Keri Hilson, who appeared on some tracks off of his 2007 “TImbaland Presents: Shock Value” album (in The Way I Are, Scream etc.) has her first single, Energy.

It’s… okay I suppose. I guess I need to let it grow on me like Disturbia. At any rate it doesn’t sound awful so with the right video it may go far. I actually like Keri Hilson so I’m routing for her.

Shontelle’s New First Single

April 27, 2008

As things are with the music business, Barbadian beauty Shontelle’s debut single is T-Shirt; you can check it out on her official myspace page (Click here).

As many of you may recall, speculation was that it would be Naughty featuring Beenie Man which both performed earlier this year at the Barbados Music Awards. However, the late entry onto Shontelligence (written by Andrew Frampton who also wrote hits for Kylie Minogue and Natasha Bedingfield) has been gaining interest internationally and has won the hearts of music listeners and radio station execs alike. We wish Shontelle great success with Shontelligence and hope to see her walking down the Grammy red carpet next year. Can anyone say Best New Artist?

Above, pics of Shontelle looking simply stunning at the Red Carpet for R&B Live at Spotlight, NYC. (That’s actually her hair, not weave.)


See Here!
See Here!
See Here!

Shontelle – The Debut Single

January 29, 2008

So the BMA’s (Barbados Music Awards) were held Sunday just gone and i will tell you this for the hundredth time, “No I did not go! Yes I know my friends were there. YES I know it was supposedly one of the biggest events on the social calendar for Entertainment! I just didn’t feel like going, OKAY???”

But this isn’t about me, this is about Shontelle who launched her debut single Naughty (featuring Beenie Man) which was a favourite jam of mine for a while now (you can check it out on her myspace page here) The single is a power packed club jam sure to light up the airwaves, or so the execs at Universal Motown are hoping.


So far the album seems to be a far more mature debut into the world of music than her SRP label mate Rihanna, which given the age difference between these two sexual beings isn’t surprising. (Truth be told I don’t even have her debut album “Music of the Sun” on my iTunes or my iPod for that matter, didn’t impress me.)

Anyway, we wish Shontelle well in her debut and are officially announcing our availability to be a roadie, backup singer, personal chef or even cunnilingus maximus if need be.

Hey, the road gets lonely sometimes.

Live performance below.