Silent NO MORE!

December 12, 2007

I tried… please forgive me.

Many persons who know me well and those who were readers of my previous blog and know my feelings towards certain people and social injustices in general have been wondering why I have been so silent regarding two MAJOR events and for exactly two weeks I have been SEETHING!

Rodney Beckles, professional drug abuser, murderer and son of social prostitute Hilary Beckles, was acquitted! Somehow (though not surprisingly so) a jury found that Rodney Beckles did indeed inflict 21 stab wounds in SELF DEFENSE. Overkill anyone? News extract below:

Jury frees Beckles of murder charge

November 28, 2007

An 11-member jury deliberated Monday for two hours before freeing 22-year-old university student Rodney Beckles of the murder of 28-year-old Khalil Campbell, son of Supreme Court Judge, Lennox Campbell.

The jury’s verdict was greeted with disapproval by a family member and friends of the deceased. A friend of the deceased, who was in court, rushed towards Beckles as he was leaving the dock after Justice Kay Beckford adjourned court.

The man appeared as if he were going to attack Beckles.

“Remember what mi tell you,” the man said to Beckles. “Is this a threat, is this a threat?” one of Beckles’ lawyers asked.

The police ordered the man to leave the courtroom.

Cried openly

“There is no justice in the courts,” a relative of the deceased shouted as she wept openly outside the courtroom after the verdict.

Beckles’ parents, who were in court, also cried after they heard the verdict.

Beckles, who is a former captain of Jamaica’s under-17 table tennis team, and son of Univer-sity of the West Indies professor Hilary Beckles, had been on trial in the Home Circuit Court since last week Monday.

One of the jurors fell ill last week and the judge had to continue the case with 11 jurors.

Chillum pipe

Campbell was fatally stabbed on January 3, after he asked Beckles and a friend for a draw from a chillum pipe, which they were smoking. Beckles had been in custody since then.

The judge, in her summation, told the jury that they should not be influenced by prejudice or sympathy for the accused or the deceased. The jury found that Beckles was not guilty of murder or manslaughter. Beckles, who was represented by defence lawyers, Patrick Atkinson, Deborah Martin and Robert Fletcher, gave sworn testimony in his defence and was thoroughly cross-examined by prosecutors, Caroline Hay and Ann-Marie Feurtado-Richards.


He said he acted in self-defence after Campbell, who was known to be mentally ill, rushed at him as a raging bull and held on to his leg.

He said he began hitting him and when his leg was released, he saw blood on his clothes and blood on the deceased’s chest.

He said he and a friend were smoking ganja from a chillum pipe and it was after they denied Campbell’s request that the incident took place.

Defensive injuries

The prosecution led evidence that there were 16 superficial injuries to the body and two stab wounds.

The fatal injury was a stab wound to the chest which penetrated the heart. The pathologist said he saw defensive injuries to the body.

The defence brought medical evidence to show that the deceased was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and cannabis abuse, and was aggressive when he did not get his medication.

Author: Gleaner Reporter
Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Only in a society like Jamaica is a drug induced murder grounds for self defense. I cry along with the family…

Following this chilling event, a few days later, professional education destroyer, cricket enthusiast and social prostitute Hilary Beckles became SIR Hilary Beckles to add to his list of arguably undeserved accolades. It is at this point one realises that a knighthood is bullocks these days and worth as much as $10 in gas. I hereby submit to you my desire to be given a Dayhood.

Yet we wonder why metropolitan countries look down on us ‘third worlders’ with such disdain and amusement- I wouldn’t take us seriously either! Furthermore I would wonder if we’re all puffing on the same chillum pipe- still waiting for a clear definition/illustration of what that is.


Another Blog from the Past

November 11, 2007

Last Academic year I ended up doing a course I didn’t want to do. I guess I didn’t take it too well. Read and see what I mean:
So, guess what. I have to do a few more courses before my degree at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus is complete. Great. One of those courses, however, is History of West Indies Cricket Since 1870. Now, the significance of that is as follows:

1. I hate cricket.
There is no middle ground for this. I despise the damned game, it makes me physically ill. When the test matches used to be televised on tv replacing shows I waited all week to watch, I felt not only betrayed, but weakened, like Superman and Kryptonite, is Yours Truly and Cricket.

2. I dislike Hilary Beckles
The connection: he championed this course and developed it to be added to the course list of Level III (Final Year) History. Now, from previous posts you may discover I am not a fan of this individual so anything he pioneered I tend to shy away from, but now I have no choice.

3. The lecturer
“God bless David!” As my fore-citizens would say. I can’t believe they found one of if not THE most boring History lecturers to teach the course. It is like they planned how to get me from the beginning, the bitches.

What does all this have to do with my title you might ask, well I’ll tell you! I was planning a little trip, an excursion if you will, to the North of the island. I would be wearing my finery, annointed in my favourite cologne, walk with the iPod nano and fling myself off North Point and hopefully either bash in my head on a rock and die instantly, or *SPLOOSH* into the ocean and have the water fill my lungs and die instantly. Whatever happens, I was just hoping not to land in a rogue sand dune and cushion my blow, for climbing back up to try again would ruin the poetry of it all!

Anyway, the sun has set so the mood has passed. I live to moan another day.