After the Dust has Settled

January 29, 2008

Late in coming, as all my posts have been of recent but I had to do this after the heads stopped spinning and the first set of dust has settled.

So the DLP won the elections 20-10 (maybe 19-11 if Rommel Marshall wins his court case… which we doubt he will so let’s stick with 20-10) and the BLP Head is now Mia “Nibbles” Mottley after Owen “See-more women” Arthur former Prime Minister handed the reins over to her contrary to public expectation that Clyde “Whoops!” Mascoll was named as Co-Leader. David “Giddy as a School-Girl” Thompson and his CAREFULLY selected group now have control of the government, all excluding the Wrong Dishonorable Dennis “Narcissus” Kellman was snubbed, to no one’s surprise. What a way to begin a political year. Ah… I hope to God, Allah, Jehova, what have you, I get my company off the ground before the BDS dollar gets devalued to something slightly above a buck fifty Guyanese.

Oh and to answer everyone out there asking, “Whose side is he on?” I say to you this “The same side you should be on, my own.”

Ministers’ Night Out

December 10, 2007

Well well well.

Spotted- The Hon. Noel Lynch and The Hon. Mia Mottley liming under a street light in St. Lawrence Gap after midnight. Good to see they still have their spunk but it leads me to wonder- Don’t they have a country to run?

Is this how cocky they get because of a couple cruise ships docked in the port? Well I guess they don’t have anything better to do… not like either of them are a Minister or even a Deputy Prime Minister for that matter… oh wait, they are.

As I passed I had to inquire as to the nature of the impromptu heads of government meeting and rum shop crawl. I also had to announce my interest in obtaining a job in the tourism industry, although one may be weary of the terms and conditions… Oh well…

Guess my invitation was lost in the mail. They should head to their constituency offices and send me a letter By Hand or On Service, that is if they can remember where their constituencies are.