Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Meh

January 21, 2014


Look – this is going to be brief.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a fine example of when bad people happen to good movies.

This movie had potential that was never fulfilled. It went from “OMG this is gonna be sooooo good” to “ah? Da fuq am I watching” in a hot minute!

Quick breakdown of why I would give this movie a C.

Dialogue was lacking.

Character development was rushed leaving it difficult to feel for any of the characters.

The plot ran away from them and tried to be too big to be edited too short, to the point it seemed like a rushed ending.

The decisions made by these expert agents came across as silly and amateur not cool, as we want our super agents to come across.

Finally the movement – whether it was from the US to Russia or intercontinental, the ability to go from place to place in supersonic speed was illogical and a MAJOR plot hole.

I honestly was disappointed by this movie… But the popcorn was good.

Charlie Wilson’s War

January 3, 2008

I came back from seeing this movie a few hours ago and just HAD to write about it. Honestly, Charlie Wilson’s War would have to be the BEST movie I have seen in months. I think this is the only movie I would give five stars to! Just… blown away! I can’t even get over how good it was.


Click here to read more about the movie I think is deserving of a Motion Picture of the Year award and Philip Seymour Hoffman should get Best Supporting Actor. Come to think of it, Best Ensemble Cast! Tom Hanks was exceptional in a not so typical role but I think his performance may be overshadowed by Will Smith’s almost solo performance in I Am Legend so…


January 1, 2008

I’m actually excited.

2008 Looks set to begin with some good movies and Cloverfield has made its way to the top of my “must see” list. Check out the trailer below. May the fanaticism begin.