Where is Rockstar101?

June 18, 2010

While looking through the Billboard Hot 100 checking to see how Shontelle’s highest rising single to date Impossible is doing this week,

I noticed that I hadn’t seen Rockstar 101 by Rihanna (ft. Slash).

Usually, before the video even comes out, the song is SOMEWHERE in the Hot 100 but with the video out a couple weeks now, I’m shocked that it’s no where to be found. At least I was at first.
Then I gave it some thought… the song which stuck out to me the first time I heard the album when it was released, and in my mind, this would have been a power single, especially the way in which I invisioned the music video. So when I heard this was going to be a single I was all excited thinking oh yay! Another potential number one single, then I saw the video and my jaw dropped.

That video looks like how a ghetto person imagines Rock music to be, as opposed to some artistic representation of being a Rockstar. Then when she suddenly dresses up like an Eastern European dominatrix, I gave up on the video altogether. Sad to say, worst video to date by Rihanna. Colour me disappointed.

Oh by the way- why are they putting her in blackface? Just a question.

Stuck With Each Other!

March 4, 2009

Today’s the day people. Shontelle’s new single Stuck With Each Other featuring Akon premiers today and the video is available on Universal Motown’s website, you can also access it via her website, or…. you can simply Click Here!

I actually like the video. It features scenes from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic and is a really glossy music video, yet, it doesn’t come across as a shameless marketing ploy filled with advertising. Beyoncé and her people could learn a thing or two about subtlety- a la Upgrade U, the Audemars Piguet  ad.

Pan Yuh

October 8, 2008

So I have been watching this video for two days straight and it never gets old lol. Who are Hotta Claps and Danger? They sound contagious.

It is the tackiest, low budget piece of shit I have ever seen, the singing is awful, the production is worse and the music video is laughable. However, I must give them props for bravery to actually go out there and do something.

Shontelle’s T-Shirt Music Video!

September 19, 2008

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH it’s finally here! The long awaited music video for Shontelle’s debut single T-Shirt is out and on Yahoo! Music and on youtube finally!

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here!!

Hot Mess!

June 14, 2008

I am so annoyed right now. Here I was thinking that the Whores Pussycat Dolls had a not so bad song about celebrity and everyone wanting a piece of the fame at some point in their lives “When I Grow Up”. HOWEVER after watching this awful music video, my mind has turned completely from the song. Thumbs down!

Rihanna- Take A Bow Official Video

April 26, 2008

So finally we have the highly anticipated video for the latest single from the Good Girl Gone Bad re-released album. *Crosses fingers that Say It is not on the repack*

She looks simply stunning in this video, real grown woman type. Rumour has it Breaking Dishes is the next single to be released. Good show, would love Sell Me Candy to get out there at some point but you never know with these things.

Gimme More Estelle!

March 5, 2008

Apparently when I find something I like I keep searching…

Faithless fans may appreciate this video I found, it’s trippy yet reminds me of myself a bit lol. Estelle does a good vocal performance to the dance music.

Appears someone informed her she’s a way better singer than rapper.