9.75 Things That Annoy Me

March 22, 2009

1) People who think they’re a lot smarter than they really are.
Give me a good old ‘idiot’ who knows his/her limitations than a downright jackass who thinks he/she was robbed out of the nobel lauriet.

2) People with messenger viruses who don’t realize simply changing their passwords would solve the problem!

3) People who cannot read a URL and determine when a link is safe or not.
The reason this annoys me is simple: I wanted to send a contact a link to a youtube video, to which I heard “I don’t click links” and I was like… “Is there some weird youtube virus I’m unaware of?”

4) Customer service representatives with no training!
Few things in life inspire me to rage as a CSR who needs a good back hand. Imagine going for coffee to see some… girl… on the company phone talking her personal business, I go up to her and look her full in her face, she look s at me, looks off and continues with her conversation moving out of sight. Suffice it to say I went around to face her again and racist remarks ensued, but that’s neither here nor there.

4.75) Fake people.
You know what I mean, be they persons who went to high school with you, someone from the office or just random strangers, those persons who try to be all sweet and sugary but leave that nasty artificial sweetener taste in your mouth. Saccharin.

5.75) Taxi Drivers
The reason they annoy me is that they tend to do THE most foolishness on the roads, cause several accidents but often evade being actually IN an accident. I just hate to see those taxi cones coming, I just know to get to the nearest sidewalk, wall or lamp post to protect myself.

6.75) People who feel the need to question EVERYTHING
Here’s a kicker, if I wanted your input, more than likely, it was in jest. Why then were I to say “I’m going to the gas station.” lead to a 20 minute debate on the finer points of gas stations vs. supermarkets, and gas stations vs. minimarts and corner stores? Or better yet, if you get invited to attend some event or the other and you decline as is your prerogative some nosy person is going to ask “Why not?” Grrrr… because I don’t want to. THERE! I SAID IT! HAPPY NOW?!

7.75) Twitter in general.
Up to this very moment I just go through the motions of updating my status or whatever they choose to call it but I have no real understanding of the point of it. It’s like taking having no life to new heights.

8.75) Recent articles in the Nation Newspaper
Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to imply that I am the most gifted writer there ever was to grace to pages of the internet, however I must say that the caliber and content of the articles of late are so childish, baseless and full of nothing but sensationalism which is NOT journalism at its finest. Thumbs down.

9.75) The security firm which patrols my neighborhood.
I would like to take this opportunity to request that the owners of J.E. Security monitor the speed with which their drivers accelerate around St. James/ St. Thomas. Hearing them braking and screeching at the intersection makes me fear for the safety of the residents as it relates to being struck down, more than of being robbed!

Is Your Man Gay

February 8, 2009

I found this to be utter trype and folly when I read it, but I felt like sharing it for a good laugh.
For added effect, I shall drop comments in bold to give it my own personal touch.

Is my man gay?


BEING INVOLVED with a man living on the down low must be a woman’s greatest fear; or certainly something she wouldn’t believe could happen.

Unfortunately in Barbados, as elsewhere, it is not uncommon for men who are in a public relationship with a woman to be having discreet sexual relations with other men.

Although there is a growing tolerance for homosexuality, it is still not widely socially acceptable in Barbados. So, many men and women hide their sexual preference to maintain the status quo. Having a girlfriend is one way a gay man may try to keep a “straight image”. I’ve always said society begats its own ills so that point I must give her credit for, while noting the blatant omission of the term ‘bi-sexual’ in this entire article.

Sadly, this can have dire consequences if he fulfils his gay desires outside the relationship; for instance, his female partner may be unknowingly exposed to sexually transmitted diseases if her cheating boyfriend doesn’t use adequate protection. Because as we all know, only if a man cheats with another man is the woman in fear of contracting something. Which is part of the problem. Monogamy people! If you’re going to sleep around on your own accord so be it, but if you’re in a relationship with someone COME ON! Why be with that person if clearly you want to be somewhere else with someone else?

So, how can you tell if your man’s gay? This should be rich…

According to a young homosexual interviewed by the SATURDAY SUN, there are quite a few tell-tale signs, including those that would be considered clichés. These are:

* He cries at movies. Oh come on!

* He glances at men when they pass, especially the attractive ones. I’m on the fence about that one because it doesn’t mean he wants to bed the fellow.

* He has no qualms expressing, or even gushing, about how attractive another man is. Heterosexual women do it in regards to other women, why can’t heterosexual men? I think it’s just clouding the issue.

* He prefers anal over vaginal sex with you. Now this one affected me in a manner… if your man likes to stick it up your butt, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s GAY although…  I’ll leave it there for now.

* He has an intense interest in fashion and dresses very fashionably; is well groomed and is a little too knowledgeable about different brand names.That is ludicrous. What does looking like you have a job, disposible income and a mirror have to do with being gay? Just grabbing at straws now, clearly.

* He consistently compliments women about their clothes, hair and shoes, as opposed to their face and body. I suppose it would be more appropriate for him to say “Girl, you bubbies look real good!” Which does happen but that’s just disrespectful and not indicative of a heterosexual preference. Actually, having little regard for women can often be a factor in assessing someone’s homosexuality, depending on your school of thought.

* He makes a lot of flamboyant gestures with his hands when he talks. At this point I’d like to point out that some people are just naturally expressive with their hands and such a judgment is highly subjective because what may be flamboyant to you may be subtle to someone else.

* He brags about how many gays think he is attractive. *Headache* That… whoo… I don’t even know what to say there.

* He likes to watch or is turned on by gay porn. Unless we’re talking about some hot girl-on-girl action, the fact that your man is watching and turned on by gay porn and you are aware of this, re-evaluate the state of both your mental healths.

* He has a lot of homosexual friends. This is moot and irrelevant.

* When you ask him if he’s gay, he responds evasively as opposed to denying it. Meanwhile a denial is by no means indicative of him being straight so this too is moot.

These guidelines probably do apply to many men on the down low – especially the last three – but clinical psychologist Dr Marcus Lashley was quick to shoot down all of them.

“There is no absolute way to determine someone’s sexuality,” he said in a telephone interview.

He insisted there was no set criteria or prototype for the gay man and one could only judge on an individual basis.

According to Lashley, a man might display these traits because of his upbringing and cultural background, but not because of his sexuality.

For instance, the well-groomed, fashionable man might be “metrosexual” – American slang referring to a heterosexual who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance.

Even the man who goes on about how sexy another man is may be expressing what he subconsciously wants for himself; in other words, he’s probably wishing he had six-pack abs like his object of admiration.

Seeing that there may be no real criteria that applies to all men on the down-low, your instincts may be your best “gaydar”.

So what do you do if you think your man is gay?

Make sure you’re listening to your intuition and not your paranoid fears. You need to ask yourself if you really think he’s gay or if you are subconsciously sabotaging your relationship.

Take a moment to meditate on this before you make any drastic decisions.

* ginaaimeymoss@nationnews.com

Peter Wickham Banned from the Nation Newspaper

December 30, 2007

This is rich! I couldn’t stop cackling! LMAO!

So, get this, I really don’t keep abreast with the news and views of Barbados hence you must pardon me for my lateness.

Check this out!

Check this out!

Check this out!

The Master’s wielding, orphanage running pseudo academic finally got banned from putting fodder in the people’s newspaper! LMAO! I had to comment on the blog! I’m somewhere near if not at the bottom.

People are speculating that it has to do with governmental influence but the man is a loon and really spouts drivel, when he’s sober enough to spout more than just body fluids (the man spit in my eye when he was talking to me, I was scared). The man’s contract to lecture at the University of the West Indies wasn’t renewed, he was stopped from hosting a political show on the local channel CBC TV8 and now this, tsk tsk tsk. At least he can continue to fudge polls! But his number one client was the said Nation so… I guess maybe not. HA HA!

Anywho… what goes around comes around and I am STILL skinning my teeth.