Superlative1 vs. Cable & Wireless

December 20, 2007

Yet again yours truly has been defeated by Cable and Wireless. I was on the telephone and online (I pay for ADSL I shall use it) when at the stroke of midnight I found myself being signed out of MSN Messenger.

Initial reaction- Curse words.

After that I thought what is this… the Y2K Bug finally hit my computer? It did happen at the stroke of midnight after all. Then I remembered this happened not too long ago and it ended with me calling Unstable & Worthless Cable & Wireless to hear all sorts of ‘possible solutions to the problem’ which eventually ended with “Sir, I was just told by my supervisor that maintenance is currently being carried out by our technicians.” So I decided to ask what time (if ever) they expected the techs to finish and I was informed, “We’re hoping sometime around 3am sir.” Did I mention I called around 12:20?

It appears as though this wonder ADSL (Actually Dial-up Still Lying) service that C&W is providing needs to be serviced quite often… Hmmm… no wonder I have to let videos load for a few minutes seconds before I watch them.

One day Cable & Wireless, we shall go head to head, and I will be victorious!