Amenities Fee at Work

January 13, 2008

Off politics for a moment.

The other night some friends and I were hanging out before classes at the UWI recommence and we decided to hit up Italia Coffee House for a beverage to warm our cockles. Taking the coast road from Sheraton, we pass Chefette Rockley before we make it to Quayside Center and in the parking lot of Chefette what do we see parked but a large bus with what on the side? University of the West Indies.

1)What was the bus that I am apparently paying for doing parked at Chefette?

2)Why does the bus NOT travel on the south coast generally but can find its way there before the semester begins?

3)The route has gotten even shorter from what it used to be YET our ammenities fees have increased to pay for all and sundry.

Of course I won’t actually get answers to these questions but I just had to ask them, you know, put it out there.

Another Blog from the Past

November 11, 2007

Last Academic year I ended up doing a course I didn’t want to do. I guess I didn’t take it too well. Read and see what I mean:
So, guess what. I have to do a few more courses before my degree at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus is complete. Great. One of those courses, however, is History of West Indies Cricket Since 1870. Now, the significance of that is as follows:

1. I hate cricket.
There is no middle ground for this. I despise the damned game, it makes me physically ill. When the test matches used to be televised on tv replacing shows I waited all week to watch, I felt not only betrayed, but weakened, like Superman and Kryptonite, is Yours Truly and Cricket.

2. I dislike Hilary Beckles
The connection: he championed this course and developed it to be added to the course list of Level III (Final Year) History. Now, from previous posts you may discover I am not a fan of this individual so anything he pioneered I tend to shy away from, but now I have no choice.

3. The lecturer
“God bless David!” As my fore-citizens would say. I can’t believe they found one of if not THE most boring History lecturers to teach the course. It is like they planned how to get me from the beginning, the bitches.

What does all this have to do with my title you might ask, well I’ll tell you! I was planning a little trip, an excursion if you will, to the North of the island. I would be wearing my finery, annointed in my favourite cologne, walk with the iPod nano and fling myself off North Point and hopefully either bash in my head on a rock and die instantly, or *SPLOOSH* into the ocean and have the water fill my lungs and die instantly. Whatever happens, I was just hoping not to land in a rogue sand dune and cushion my blow, for climbing back up to try again would ruin the poetry of it all!

Anyway, the sun has set so the mood has passed. I live to moan another day.